DURHAM – Google Fiber is guaranteeing the reliability, speed, and performance of its high speed broadband internet service to small businesses.

“We have a lot of confidence in our network reliability,” a blog post written by Nick Saporito, head of commercial strategy for Google Fiber.  The blog post notes that the company seeks to ensure customers possess the confidence that “their internet is going to be there when they need it.”

The guarantee, implemented last week, is for a Google Fiber Business Service “to which this SLA applies.”  SLA means service level agreement.

It provides a monthly uptime guarantee of at least 99.9% of time during the month.  Companies enrolled in the program will also receive monthly reports.

Under the program, should a business see that their uptime is below the stated 99.9% in the report provided by Google Fiber, they’ll be credited a fee of 25% of their monthly recurring charge, according to the program.

Google Fiber doubles speed of business service offering to 2G


In terms of a 40-hour work week, businesses would receive the credit under the guarantee if their internet service is disrupted or down for 150 seconds, or two and a half minutes across the week.

“Speed and reliability combined makes for internet that can power your business to the next level, and we’re continuing to work to improve every day for both our business and residential customers,” Saporito wrote in the blog post.

The company launched Google Fiber Business 2 Gig service in March 2022.  In April, Google Fiber opened a service kiosk at Crabtree Valley Mall.  AT&T announced a 2 gigabit internet service in January 2022 for some customers.  Last May, Google expanded Fiber service in the Triangle and in Charlotte and launched a campaign to recruit additional workers to the company in June 2021.

Google Fiber’s presence in the Triangle pre-dates Google’s expansion into Durham to establish a technology and engineering hub, which was announced last year.  The company opened a Triangle office in January.