This article was written for our sponsor, OnLogic

OnLogic is a global industrial computer company that specializes in purpose-built, highly-configurable computers, designed for IoT (Internet of Things) and reliability. Recently, the company opened an office in Cary, NC as part of its ongoing expansion plan.

Founded in 2003, OnLogic has helped 70,000 customers worldwide and experienced significant growth over the last decade — growing 50% in the last year alone. Currently, the company has offices in South Burlington, VT, The Netherlands, Malaysia and Taiwan. In addition to the new North Carolina location, another new facility is being built in Vermont, totaling 125,000 square feet and slated for completion in late 2023.

OnLogic has already brought nearly 35 jobs to the area, with more to come.

“OnLogic’s rapid growth has come with several challenges, most notably how we continue to attract top talent,” said co-founder and executive chair Roland Groeneveld. “We’re excited that we’ve been able to hire twenty-five new employees in our Cary office, and have several current employees that have moved, or plan to move, down from the Vermont office. This expansion supports our business growth as well as provides our North Carolina team with an environment for collaboration and continued innovation.“

“When evaluating sites for a second US location, the top tech talent in the Triangle played a huge role in our decision to move forward,” added chief executive officer Sean Larkin. “Several large Triangle firms are partners or customers already. It’s a great fit.”

OnLogic produces computers made for environments where traditional PCs fail. Dust, vibration, extreme temperatures and the elements can all rapidly deteriorate most other computers, causing users to have to replace them and deal with manufacturing downtime, which can be incredibly costly for businesses.

Imagine the needs of a computer in the back of a police vehicle. The machine has to power all processing functions in the vehicle, upload data and location and handle temperatures ranging from below zero Fahrenheit in the winter and up to 125 degrees in the summer — all while remaining impervious to the vibrations associated with the vehicle’s regular movements.

Think of the needs of edge computing devices on pipelines in the Arctic, control devices on assembly lines in factories with sawdust in the air, the brains inside advanced medical devices and the computational power inside robots or the computers needed inside wayfinding or car wash kiosks.

These are the solutions OnLogic’s computers power.

And the journey for OnLogic appears to be just beginning.  Adoption of IIoT and Connected Factory solutions continues to grow and more businesses see the advantages of holistic edge solutions powered by hardware, software and cloud providers they can rely on.  OnLogic’s highly customizable computers, combined with their partnerships with AWS, Inductive Automation, IGEL, Red Hat, Intel, AMD and Microsoft allow their customers to create the solution that best fits their business.

“People are such a critical part of our journey and there’s nothing more important to our success than our culture. Our team is growing rapidly, and we nearly doubled our global employee headcount in 2021. We’re laser-focused on bringing the right folks on board,” said Kevin Jones, sales director of account executives at OnLogic. “When you’re growing this quickly, the ability to be both agile and innovative is crucial.  We live our core values: being open, fair, innovative and independent.  We encourage direct communication at all levels, have open salaries and empower our employees. We’re looking for candidates excited about our journey and about their role in it.”

“OnLogic’s hardware makes even the most complex technology solutions possible,” he finished, “but our people are what make OnLogic possible.”

This article was written for our sponsor, OnLogic