DURHAM – Avaya (NYSE: AVYA) released the results of an online market research study that sought to find best practices in customer, employee, and user experience. And the findings point to trouble for a lot of companies.

The analysis of the study, which was conducted by IDG Communications last fall, includes findings such as good customer experience efforts also include “empowered employees,” and that personalized interactions matter.

“We surveyed 469 global enterprise-level companies to get their take on the relationship between customer experience and total experience,” a company website describes the study.

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Total experience

According to Avaya, “Total Experience” occurs when companies “intentionally interweave customer, employee, user, and multiexperience.”

The firm, headquartered in Durham, also released an interactive infographic along with the survey findings.

“A monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t meet the wide range of needs businesses and their constituents have,” said Simon Harrison, a senior vice president and the Avaya chief marketing officer, in a statement.  “When companies intentionally combine customer, employee, user and multiexperience thinking, they elevate everything these approaches can achieve on their own – enabling them to deliver exactly what’s needed at every interaction.

Screenshot of an Avaya interactive infographic website.


The findings on what constitutes a good customer experience includes:

  • 83% reported that personalized, memorable interactions in “moments that matter”
  • 83% said that user experience, or the interaction between humans, data, and technology
  • 82% agreed that good customer experience includes “empowered employees”

But only 59% of respondents indicated they believed their company performed “adequately” on each of those three aspects.

And nearly all — 97% — businesses reported a belief that “employees empowered with the right technology can transform customer experiences,” according to the statement.

Companies in the survey were also asked to self-rate their cohesiveness of strategy along mobile, social listening, expanded service channels, analytics, and social media engagement.  The study found:

  • 51% of companies self-identified as “good” in mobile
  • 52% of companies self-identified as “good” in social listening
  • 53% of companies self-identified as “good” in expanded service channels
  • 54% of companies self-identified as “good” in real-time social media
  • 60% of companies self-identified as “good” in  analytics

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