RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Kyndryl (NYSE: KD) has inked a deal with Amazon.  The company, which split form IBM some 100 days ago, announced a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) yesterday.

The partnership was described in a statement as one that “brings together their respective expertise, skills, and global resources.”

Kyndryl will also construct its own infrastrucutre in the cloud, the company noted, and will leverage this new partnership with AWS.  As a part of the deal, AWS becomes a “Kyndryl Premier Global Alliance Partner.”

The companies shared in the statement they aimed to provide and offer differtiated value, and to do so, would develop “an accelerator for VMware Cloud on AWS.”  That accelerator will provide solutions, the companes noted, for Kyndryl’s customers.

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Upskilling workers

At a time when there’s a talent shortage, Kyndryl and AWS announced that they would invest in the education of more than 10,000 Kyndryl professionals this year.  The companies noted in the statement that workers would be able to “upskill” across  a “wide range of AWS skills to support its customers’ rapid adoption of cloud services and solutions around the globe.”

“Our ability to freely explore and unleash the combined benefits of AWS cloud services with Kyndryl’s deep industry-specific managed services and expertise will provide an unprecedented level of knowledge and innovation,” said Martin Schroeter, Chairman and CEO of Kyndryl in the statement. “Together, we will invest in enhancing Kyndryl’s expertise in AWS to help companies modernize, innovate, and compete.”

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Kyndryl, which is headquartered in New York City, spun out of IBM last year, and Schroeter described the company’s efforts as “fast and focused.”  The company’s name comes from combining “kyn,” meaning kinship or relationships with people, and “dyrl,” which stems from the root word “tendril,” to signify the business would advance human progress, accoridng to prior WRAL TechWire reporting.

“Together, we are committed to educating, empowering, and enabling thousands of AWS certified practitioners and developing joint solutions that will accelerate customers’ journeys and help them innovate on the world’s leading cloud,” said Adam Selipsky, Chief Executive Officer at AWS.