Apple is planning to expand the sports content available in its Apple News app, based on code MacRumors found in the first beta of iOS 15.4. To offer a more tailored news experience, users will be able to select their preferred sports leagues and their favorite teams, with Apple then providing the appropriate news.

Code suggests that it’s possible the feature will sync with the team selections feature in the Apple TV app, as there is a “Sync Sports Favorites” mention. The ‌Apple TV‌ app provides up-to-the minute scoring information, and it’s looking like Apple will also bring sports scores and highlights directly to the News app.

This functionality would allow sports fans to get a more in-depth overview of upcoming games, game results, and news relevant to their interests. It would also bring ‌Apple News‌ in line with other publications that already allow readers to get news specific to their favorite teams.

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