CARY – SAS headquarters will not fully open until November 1, 2021, at the earliest, Shannon Heath, SAS Corporate PR Manager, told WRAL TechWire on Thursday.

The company is tracking the uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases locally, and the spread of the novel coronavirus and its variants globally, and came to the decision to postpone fully reopening SAS world headquarters to November 1, at the earliest.

“Employees are asked to continue with their current remote work arrangements until further notice,” said Heath.  For employees who do work from a SAS office, including headquarters in Cary, they must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, said Heath.

“SAS continues its focus on employees and commitment to our flexible culture by offering employees options for how they return to work when it is safe to do so,” said Heath.  “This includes options for full-time on-campus, fully remote, or a hybrid option.”

SAS requiring vaccinations before allowing employees to return to offices

Proof of vaccination is required, Heath confirmed. “We want to alleviate the impact on our employees and our already overwhelmed health care system,” said Heath.  “We continue to support the health and safety of our employees by providing easy, free access to vaccinations for employees and their families, including offering them at our onsite health care center.”

The company’s regional offices continue to follow local guidelines in their areas, Heath noted.

Heath noted that the company has assisted its clients in using advanced analytics, including providing free tools to hospitals and public health officials and providing free training to those seeking to advance job skills.

“Once we pivoted to what is our current new normal, we have carried on business as usual,” said Heath.  “In fact, at the end of Q2, SAS revenue was up 8% USD (over the same period in 2020),” she noted.

SAS puts in place plan to go public via stock offering in 2024

That’s even as supply chains were disrupted, which presented an opportunity for SAS to add value to its clients, said Heath, providing Predict & Plan Demand, which is available in the Azure Marketplace, to assist clients in forecasting customer demands to make real-time adjustments in the supply chain.

“This ultimately helps retailers and consumer packaged goods companies stay ahead of inventory needs,” Heath noted.