CARY – Epic Games’ legal battles against Apple continue – and on Friday it scored a legal victory in Australia – even as the Cary-based video game and technology firm awaits a verdict against the tech giant in a US federal court case.

The federal court in Australia has overruled a judge who had put on hold Epic’s lawsuit against Apple in that country pending resolution of the US case. The court is mulling a decision in California.

Epic – publisher of the widly popular Fortnite – had appealed the Australian judge’s hold decision.

“This is a positive step forward for Australian consumers and developers who are entitled to fair access and competitive pricing across mobile app stores. We look forward to continuing our fight for increased competition in app distribution and payment processing in Australia and around the world,” Epic Games said said in a statement.

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Epic also is fighting Apple over its app store policies in the EU and is waging a legal battle against Google over its app store requirements.

Epic Games to amend complaint in lawsuit against Google