CARY – As the Epic Games-Apple antitrust suit enters its third week, Apple is asking the judge to reject one of Epic’s claims with an early ruling.

“As part of the Apple vs. Epic Games legal battle, Apple has filed a motion asking for a judge ruling on one of the ten claims that ‌Epic Games‌ had made against it. Specifically, Apple is seeking a partial judgment on the claim that iOS is an ‘essential facility’ and denies Epic’s claim that it has been unlawfully barred from accessing it through the App Store,” MacRumors reports.

Epic was banned from the Apple after it created a workaround designed to avoid 30% fees paid to Apple on app store purchases. That ban trigged Epic’s lawsuit last year. The fight has expanded to Australia as well as the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Epic says the app store ban has hurt its globally popular game Fortnite.

The trial is expected to last through May 28.

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