DURHAM – Rewriting the Code, a nonprofit with a global community of women in technology, has received $800,000 from the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition to expand the number of Black, Latina, and Indigenous women pursuing collegiate degrees in technology and computing.

According the organization, the grant will allow Rewriting the Code “to create more programs and opportunities for Black and Latina members, and to leverage combined intersectional communities of almost 2,000 women to develop a more robust national platform for necessary institutional change in the tech industry.”

In addition, the grant allows the nonprofit to better connect its community with role models, mentors, education, and workplace opportunities.

“At Reboot Representation, our goal is to invest in the often overlooked programs that make computing educations and careers in computing more equitable for Black, Latina, and Native American women, and our partnership with Rewriting the Code will help expand the RTC program to reach over 3,200 Black and Latina women in 3 years,” said Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO, Reboot Representation, in a statement issued by the organizations.

Franklin-Davis noted that the objective is doubling the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women who receiving computing degrees by 2025.

“RTC has created intersectional communities and expanded our educational programming and mentorship, all while adding dedicated corporate partners,”said Sue Harnett, founder, president, and board chair of Rewriting the Code, in a statement. “We have launched recruiting events and leveraged our virtual platform to respond to the needs college women face with the challenges of the pandemic.”

The nonprofit recently hired a director of analytics solutions and enabling technology, Lucille Tasker,

The organization is a diverse and inclusive community with members on the campuses of over 700 universities, as well as over 2,500 alumni. The received grant is the largest ever made by Reboot Representation.