CARY – Looking to speed up artificial intelligence incorporation into data analytics and cloud computing as well asdevices such as wearables,  SAS on Thursday disclosed the acquisition of UK-based Boemska.

The company already works with SAS, “specializing in low-code/no-code application deployment and analytic workload management” for the SAS technology platform, SAS noted. Boemska is “a well-established SAS technology partner whose global customers include SAS customers in financial services, health care and travel,” SAS added.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The news came on the same day that SAS announced the promotion of veteran executive Bryan Harris to chief technology officer.

SAS promotes current executive to Chief Technology Officer

“SAS is on a journey to enable AI and analytics for everyone, everywhere,” Harris said in a statement about the acquisition. “We have not only transformed the way in which we build and deliver software with recent SAS Viya updates and a cloud partnership with Microsoft, but also the speed and manner with which customers can achieve value. SAS is recognized as a leading provider of analytics for enterprise
applications. Boemska’s technology puts SAS closer to where decisions are made, and available in cloud marketplaces for applications developers.”

Boemska has an R&D center in Serbia.

SAS noted two major technology strengths that the deal adds to its portfolio:

• A next-generation, cloud-native capability enabling portability of SAS and open-source models into mobile
and enterprise applications. This enables development and execution of models and decisions using lowcode and no-code technologies for performing specific tasks such as anticipating fraud, decision making
related to a medical event, identifying a manufacturing defect and more.
• An enterprise workload management tool that facilitates migration of scale-out analytics to the cloud in a
cost-efficient way while ensuring that analytic workloads on clouds such as Microsoft Azure remain rightsized and always optimized. This brings unparalleled visibility to SAS workloads running on shared multiuser environments and empowers customers to confidently execute their cloud migration strategy.

“We’re excited to join the SAS family and help shift customers to the cloud in a cost-effective yet powerful manner,” said Nikola Markovic, Boemska Chief Technology Officer, in a statement. “We look forward to collaboratively delivering a portable, small-footprint runtime for analytics and models while improving the ability to migrate to the cloud.”