NORFOLK, VIRGINIA — Cisco Systems has been ordered to pay $1.9 billion in a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Centripetal Networks Inc, a privately held company focused on threat intelligence software and network security based in Norfolk, Virginia.

Centripetal Networks accused Cisco of copying its patented cybersecurity features. It alleged those features were integrated into Cisco’s own products after meetings to discuss a possible partnership had taken place between the two companies.

In a 167-page decision, a US judge ruled that Cisco had infringed on four patents held by Centripetal Networks Inc on Monday. No infringement was found of a fifth patent.

Alongside the $1.9 billion award, the judge also ordered that Cisco pay a 10 percent royalty on sales of some of its products for the next three years and 5 percent in royalties for three years after that.

Cisco has denied the allegations, saying its cybersecurity features had been developed long before Centripetal Networks was even founded. The company intends to bring an appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which is known for its decisions on patent law.

The company operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP with several thousand employees.

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