RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Cisco refuses to confirm massive layoffs are currently underway across its campuses in the US.

However, some freshly sacked employees are broadcasting it all over the Internet.

On online forums like, a thread reads on Wednesday: “Any layoff emails received yet [at Cisco]?”

To which, numerous contributors reply in the affirmative.

“Yupp, fired this AM. Call then email. Company is a joke. Had a very high IPF, but it is what it is. On to greener pastures,” wrote one.

“I had a 9 AM call this morning with manager… he read a script and told me that I will get an email from the HR team about next steps. It was a quick 12 minutes call,” wrote another.

On Blind, an anonymous workplace chat app, it also sounded like the same sad story.

“My friend also received a 1:1 with his director for this morning. Isn’t looking great,” wrote an anonymous contributor.

Responded another: “I am sorry to hear that. I got the same invite. And that is not good news at all. Anyone getting that invite is a very bad signal.”

The company operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP with several thousand employees. It remains unclear how this workforce will be affected.

A Cisco spokesperson failed to respond to a multiple email requests for comment.

On Aug. 12, CEO Chuck Robbins – now in that job for five years — confirmed in an earnings call that the company is planning cut $1 billion in expenses this quarter after forecasting a revenue drop.

At the time, a Cisco spokesperson confirmed the restructuring plan in an email.

“Over the coming weeks and months, Cisco will increase our investments in key business areas that will drive customer satisfaction and partner profitability going forward and reduce investments in others. We will be restructuring parts of our business as a result,” she wrote.

“Our employees are our priority and we are committed to providing our full support to those transitioning to new roles or teams within Cisco or leaving the company. Where possible, we will offer employees options that enable them to make decisions that best suit their career goals and personal circumstances.”