CHARLOTTE — ThreatSwitch, an emerging startup focused on cybersecurity, has raised roughly $1.6 million from seven investors, according to a recent securities filing.

The Charlotte-based company is still seeking to raise another $99,000, with the minimum investment of $50,000 accepted from any outside investor.

Since 2017, the company has raised around $3 million.

John Dillard, a former Naval officer and CIA intelligence officer, founded the firm in February 2016.

Its platform is a software program meant to help companies maintain compliance with federal requirements, such as employee trainings and security inspections.

“ThreatSwitch is transforming the way FSOs and cleared employees work on security,” the company says.

“From simplified data entry to automated training and employee reportable information, we have completely redesigned the way software can work for cleared companies.”

The company also provides cybersecurity services that help companies and federal contractors become compliant with federal regulations, such as insider threat programs.