Weekly updates keep content fresh and relevant in our exclusive Triangle Startup Guide

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact local startups and small businesses, we’ve been consistently adding COVID-19 funding and support resources to the guide. Click here for the full list of resources. Here’s a summary of what we added last week:

We also added a non-COVID-related resource to the inspiration/advice/more resources section of the guide:

  • Startomatic: A software platform that offers the ability to take an idea and turn it into a company with a domain name, logo, website, and email and social media accounts. The service also helps beginning entrepreneurs to process the necessary legal paperwork and state filings needed to start a business. (More TechWire coverage here.)

As always, if we missed a resource you think we should add, please don’t hesitate to submit it for inclusion. You can email me directly, tweet me @shannoncuthrell or use this contact form.

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