Weekly updates keep content fresh and relevant in our exclusive Triangle Startup Guide

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact local startups and small businesses, we’ve been consistently adding COVID-19 funding and support resources to the guide. Click here for the full list of resources. Here’s a summary of what we added last week:

  • We added the next deadline for PPP loan payments (August 8).
  • We added a link to the City of Raleigh’s new Outdoor Seating Temporary License program, which allows businesses to extend their outdoor seating to the phase II reopening plan.

We also added a few non-COVID resources to the inspiration/advice/more resources section of the guide:

  • We added this YouTube video, which summarizes the latest Innovators Report from the Council of Entrepreneurial Development.
  • We also added the Donald Thompson Podcast. Hosted by local entrepreneur and investor Donald Thompson of Walk West, the podcast features interviews with startup founders, VCs, executives and community leaders sharing their advice and experiences. (Thompson recently became a weekly columnist for TechWire.)

As always, if we missed a resource you think we should add, please don’t hesitate to submit it for inclusion. You can email me directly, tweet me @shannoncuthrell or use this contact form.

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