CLAYTON – Novo Nordisk, which operates a huge insulin manufacturing facility in Johnston County, is offering diabetes patients free insulin for 90 days if they have lost health insurance coverage due to jobs lost due to the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Novo Nordisk is making the offer through its Diabetes Patient Assistance Program.

“Through this enhancement, applicants are not required to provide documented proof of income. Participants must provide documentation showing loss of healthcare benefits, such as a job termination notice or job status change, or proof that COBRA benefits are being offered,” the company said.

“In addition, if Medicaid benefits are denied, assistance for eligible patients can be extended past the 90-day-window until the end of the year. People applying for this program must have a valid prescription for a Novo Nordisk insulin and meet certain eligibility criteria, which can be found on or by calling 1.844.NOVO4ME (668.6463).”