CARY — So you think it’s far-fetched to earn six figures playing video games?

Think again.

Professional gamer Jesus Parra, under the pseudonym Gimmick, has earned a whopping $197,197 from playing in Epic Games’ Rocket League tournaments.

And he’s not alone.

Following closely in second place is Kyle Storer (Torment) , earning $193,771.

Jayson Nunez (Fireburner_), Cameron Bills (Kronovi)  and Justin Morales (jst)  have also earned six figures from winning Rocket League tournaments, described as “vehicular soccer,” according to data collected by

“With more than 2.5 billion gamers around the world, it’s safe to say that the video game industry is constantly growing,” the private care plate registration company said in its release.

“[We were] curious to find out more about those who are passionate about both gaming and cars and had a look at the award-winning game Rocket League to find out who earns the most from playing it in tournaments in the US.”

The game is owned by Epic Games after it acquired Psyonix, Rocket League’s creator, earlier this year.

It is estimated to have a following of around 57 million players, with millions of copies of the game having been sold worldwide.

When it comes to all gaming tournaments, Rocket League ranks 17 as the game with the highest prizes, giving away a whopping $6,511,129.91 to its participants (847 players), in 879 tournaments, estimates

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