RALEIGHDiveplane, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup founded by the former Epic Games CEO Dr. Michael Capps, has built out its C-suite, adding Alan Cross as its new chief commercial officer.

He is the former executive vice president with Kerridge Commercial Systems.

“We’ve been scaling our sales and marketing efforts significantly due to the momentum we’re seeing in the market, which is why it was critical for us to bring on Alan as our Chief Commercial Officer,” said Dr. Capps, in a statement.

“It’s cool that neural networks can beat the best humans at board games, but when you start thinking about machines making life-altering decisions it requires a much more serious and thoughtful approach that can be thoroughly audited and understood. It’s critical that humans are able to understand why AI makes the decisions that it does and also ensure that the AI is learning based on authentic, unbiased datasets – which is exactly the reason we founded the company.”

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