CHARLOTTE – Information technology service company Flexential announced Friday that it will be the first data service company to host the artificial intelligence workload platform, ONTAP AI Test Drive.

The artificial intelligence platform will be offered in more of the 21 markets served by the company in the future. The Test Drive allows select customers to try ONTAP AI before deciding to invest, the company said in a press release.

Flexential is first introducing the software in its Portland, Oregon data centers.

ONTAP AI is an infrastructure solution that allows for more efficient use of artificial intelligence. Using NVIDIA software, it will assist in data storage and protection for customers.

“We are able to help customers seamlessly migrate data, integrate to hyper-scale or private cloud, and provide services to secure their platforms,” Jason Carolan, Flexential’s chief innovation officer, said about the program.

Flexential is an information technology infrastructure company based in Charlotte that also provides consulting services to customers.

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