RALEIGH – Cofounders Capital in Raleigh is pouring $1 million in venture capital into Element451, developer of a customer relationship management solution that it says helps colleges recruit students.

Cofounders believes the solution helps “colleges recruit prospective students with greater efficiency and ease.”

“The way colleges operate will have to change. The way people work has already changed. And the expectations of students changed a long time ago,” said Cofounders partner and founder David Gardner in a statement.

“Element451 answers the call for software that optimizes higher-ed recruiting and matches what today’s professionals and students expect — user-friendly online products that get out of their way and help them get things done.”

At its website, the startup notes it has some 20 collegiate customers and points out:

“Element451 brings everything you need for personalized recruiting and enrollment into one place. No coding or advanced skills are required, making it possible to deliver seamless experiences to both prospective students and staff. Plus, the Element451 CRM for colleges is a flexible, modular system, that you can build on as your needs grow. Our college CRM includes automation, analytics, dedicated technical support, and efficient implementation.”

Its cloud-based products include:

  • Campaigns451 – Build hyper-targeted email and SMS messages with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Page451 – Capture prospect information with landing pages for information requests or digital ads.
  • Conversations451 – Chat with prospective students on your site and manage messages in a team inbox.
  • App451 – Create mobile-friendly applications that look and function like the sites students are used to.
  • Decision451 – Improve every stage of the review process with auto evaluation, group reading, and online decision packages.

And several others.

“Most other CRMs require coding ability. Some even a technical staff member dedicated to managing the platform,” said CEO Ardis Kadiu. “There’s zero code to learn with Element451 so current staff can use it after just a few days of training. This makes it much more cost-effective.”