Nearly four months have passed since we first unveiled our comprehensive package of resources for the Triangle startup ecosystem. And so far, we’ve received heaps of positive feedback from the community.

The Triangle Startup Guide is meant for entrepreneurs of any experience level—whether new, established, or anywhere in between. This project began as an experiment to gauge the level of interest and demand for such a resource. We’ve seen several people write in with their suggestions, and we’ve been regularly updating the site with new information.

We consider the guide as a living document that’s flexible to expand with the continued growth of the startup community. Because of this, we want to continue to solicit your feedback.

So we’re extending the microphone to you, our readers. Below is a list of questions we want to put out there. Please send us any comments and feedback you might have. You can email me or tweet me @ShannonCuthrell. If we missed a resource you think should be added, please don’t hesitate to submit it for inclusion.

The questions:

  1. What do you like about the guide?
  2. What do you not really care for?
  3. How can we improve the site’s design and functionality?
  4. What is the startup guide missing that would add value?
  5. Is there a particular section of the guide you think should be expanded? Do you have an idea for a new section?
  6. What is needed to make the startup guide more relevant to your needs?
  7. Did you find the Triangle Spaces Map to be useful?
  8. How can the current content be improved in order to draw your continued interest moving forward?
  9. Would you like to see startup guides for other regions of North Carolina?
  10. Regarding how the startup guide is linked to our other innovation economy features—our interactive calendar, our feature stories highlighting events, and our weekly event listings by regions for the month ahead—how can we do that better?

TechWire’s Triangle Startup Guide is an extension of our interactive events calendar and weekly column that previews upcoming events both in and outside of the Triangle. The column is split up into multiple parts:

If you’re looking to get plugged in with a local meetup, check out our comprehensive list.

Thank you. Be sure to send your comments. We value your input.