RALEIGH – Pendo will put its new headquarters and logo atop the new 19-story 301 Hillsborough for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the view.

Rick Smith, WRAL TechWire’s editor and a cofounder

Pendo and 301 Hillsborough developer The Fallon Company have agreed to a seven-year lease for a ton of space that will give the fast-growing tech startup plenty of room for growth – even beyond its already announced plans to add another 500 jobs.

Pendo is to move west of its current downtown HQ in early 2022 after the building is completed in late 2021.

The Skinny chatted with a Pendo spokesperson about the reasons for the 301 decision.

  • Why 301 Hillsborough – what’s so appealing about it?

We liked the location—it’s just a couple blocks from our existing office. We were also impressed with the developer/builder, who is largely responsible for the transformation of Boston’s Seaport district. We also liked Fallon’s vision to house a lot of local restaurateurs and retailers in the ground floor.

  • Do you believe employees will have reasonable access to the site based on traffic, etc?

The new site is so close to our existing office—we expect traffic patterns/commutes to be essentially the same.

  • Might some employees choose to live in the complex? (A short commute!)

Sure. About a third of our employees walk, bike or carpool to work, and many of them live in downtown apartment buildings already.

  • Why go for the top floors?

We love the views from our current office on the 14th and 15th floors of the Wells Fargo Tower. We wanted our employees to have a similar experience.

Also, the terrace is located on the 19th floor and we knew that’d be a big amenity for our employees.

  • Is there room for growth?

Yes, we will have room for almost 900 employees in the new building. We have nearly 250 here in Raleigh today, and 337 globally.

Pendo to lease 5 floors for HQ in new Hillsborough Street tower