DURHAM – Dhruv Patel, a former senior executive with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, is among the execs who left Square 1 Bank in Durham to join a new venture banking group at New York-based Signature Bank.

He’s one of the few to be identified as part of the new group. A spokesperson for Signature Bank declined to disclose all the executives involved, saying the list has not yet been disclosed.

“I am excited to announce that I am a part of a team launching Signature Bank’s Venture Banking Group,” Patel wrote in a post at LinkedIn. In the announcement, key leaders of the new group were disclosed.

Dhruv Pavel from his LinkedIn site

“Signature Bank is a pretty cool entrepreneurial story founded in 2001 and has grown to over $47B in assets – consistently ranked one of the best banks in the country.”

Patel is a familiar person in North Carolina’s startup community.

Patel notes in his post that “I have worked with entrepreneurs and investors for over a decade through my work at CED and Square 1 Bank.”

In 2017, Patel left the CED where he served as director of investor relations, for Square 1.

Patel, the former director of investor relations and a long-time executive at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, is formally announced as a vice president at Square 1 Bank.

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“Having built my career on connecting entrepreneurs in the Southeast with resources needed to grow their businesses, and developing relationships with national firms and investors, I am excited to join the Square 1 team and partner with others who share my commitment to bringing attention to the Southeast as an important center of activity for high-growth companies,” said Patel in the 2017 announcement. “The entrepreneurial spirit and momentum is strong in markets throughout the region and I look forward to continuing to make connections and adding value to the venture space.”

Patel received an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Mumbai University.

In the Signature group, Patel wrote:

“We will continue to do what we know best- support high growth startups and the investors who fund them. Square 1 was an incredible values driven organization created by entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs and the Signature platform will allow us to continue doing just that with a strong balance sheet, proven banking platform and a team that has done it before.”