RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – WRAL TechWire is teaming with, a 10-year-old self-described video agency, to launch today what we believe is a riveting, deep, deep dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Alexander Ferguson, the CEO and founder of YourLocalStudio, and his team have done a series of in-depth video interviews with thought leaders in the AI field – many of whom are based in the Triangle.

WRAL TechWire chose to partner with Ferguson in publishing the videos and complete transcripts of each session in order to provide our audience with information they can use to better understand the AI revolution that is sweeping the world – far beyond smart speakers to medical research and much more. The decision was made after meeting and talking with Alexander numerous times, reviewing the material and knowing personally some of the key figures he has interviewed for the series.

We believe this series is one of the best packages TechWire has offered since it launched in 2002.

The series begins with an “AI Explained Video” and accompanying blog by Alexander.

Artificial Intelligence and you: Introduction to a new video series ‘UpTech’

So why pick AI?

“Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has been developing for quite awhile. Now we’re at this interesting time in history where artificial intelligence is no longer for just research, but has the ability for business application in the real world, for every person,” Alexander explains.

“As an entrepreneur I see the use of AI increasing every single day and I have questions. These types of algorithms and software will handle those items we don’t want to do (or can’t easily do) and allow us to focus on those areas in which we excel. There are possibilities we haven’t even considered –  it’s an exciting time to be alive!”

The interviews are part of a new program that YourLocalStudio is launching called UpTech.

Each Thursday over the coming weeks, WRAL TechWire will publish a package of transcripts and videos as Alexander and his team help all of us better understand how AI is changing our world.

The first video -a discussion with Triangle-based Richard Boyd – will be published shortly.

Talking UpTech and AI with Alexander Fergus

In a Q&A, Alexander talks about the AI series and the UpTech program.

  • What fascinates you most about a) AI and 2) entrepreneurs you have talked with?

Artificial intelligence is fascinating because of its power to disrupt and change every industry – in a good way!  Looking forward, every business and person will be impacted by their interaction with artificial intelligence. Interviewing these entrepreneurs and A.I. experts has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of future applications, and even more exciting, the applications already in our lives today.

  • What are the goals for the UpTech series? What might be some future topics?

At the UpTech Report we’ll be diving deep into upcoming technologies which already are, or will shortly be, disrupting our lives. We’ll explore how they’ll enhance our lives – all for the better. This includes topics such as Virtual and Mixed Reality, 5G, Blockchain, and more.

We’ll ask the questions entrepreneurs, business leaders and techies need answered.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a new business with this technology, a business leader needing to apply the tech in their current company, or a technology enthusiast, like me, who has an innate curiosity on where we’re headed in the technology world, UpTech will search out the answers.

  • Why did you want to work with TechWire?

One word: synergy. TechWire has an amazing team, impressive history and solid platform as the resource for technology specific news in the Triangle. At UpTech Report we have the focus and skillset to dig to find the answers and then build an engaging video around those answers. But where does the real magic happen?

Together, we’ll be able to cover more – faster – and reach further with video, to bring a greater awareness on how this new technology will affect the Triangle business community and even the world around us.

  • Tell me a bit about Your Local Studio–what’s the mission, when launched, how many people work for you, your studio, and a bit about yourself.

Your Local Studio, the video agency that produces the content for UpTech Report, is a team of seven talented folks. I began the company in 2009 with the desire to be the trusted local resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders when they needed anything video related. We have a video studio in Cary, along with a partner studio in Charlotte.

What do I do every day? You’ll find me focusing on the business, experimenting with technology (huge fan of Virtual Reality!) and exploring new ideas.  I’m a husband to an amazing wife, and dad to a son and daughter-on-the-way. Most days you’ll find me with a smile on my face, ‘cause life is good!

  • Why use UpTech as the title?

We decided on “UpTech Report” as the title for this new channel for a pretty simple reason – I’m perpetually interested in learning about the latest up and coming technology and have a need to share it with everyone!  Hence, UpTech Report.