RALEIGH – To close out the CED Tech Conference on Tuesday, four  local startups took to the stage at the Raleigh Convention Center to give a snapshot of their companies on the move.

From Saas-based workflow solutions to a marketing platform that makes grocery shopping easier, here’s a look at each:

InMotionNow CEO Ben Hartmere.

Startup: InMotionNow

Website: www.inmotionnow.com

Founder: Ben Hartmere

Year founded: 1999 as Proof-it-Online

Previous job: Vice president of sales and business development, FileOne

Company mission: To provide of workflow solutions for enterprise marketing departments. Their SaaS-based solutions enable businesses to better manage production workflows and get creative content to market faster.

Number of employees: 75

Funding sources: $5 million from private equity.

Snapshot quote: “Our biggest success in 2018 came this past June when we were acquired by a leading private equity firm, Level Equity, out of New York. So with that behind us, the real growth story of InMotionNow begins.”

Real Magic founder Jesse Lipson.

Startup: Real Magic

Website: www.levitate.ai

Founder: Jesse Lipson

Year founded: 2017

Previous job: Founder and CEO, ShareFile

Company mission: To build SaaS products that help make the world a more creative and entrepreneurial place. Its first product, Levitate, helps small and medium-sized businesses manage their professional relationships to take their business to the next level.

Number of employees: 17

Funding sources: Self funded.

Snapshot quote: “I think it has the potential to be the biggest business that I ever built, which is saying something because the last company I founded, ShareFile, we bootstrapped from zero to 15,000 customers and a $93 million acquisition by Citrix. Then over the course of the next five years, we continued grew the business to about 900 employees and $200 million in revenue. We have a lot of the same team from Citrix that we’re using to build Levitate.”

Zaloni founder Ben Sharma.

Startup: Zaloni

Website: www.zaloni.com

Founder: Ben Sharma

Year founded: 2007

Previous job: Senior Manager, NetApp

Company mission: To work with pioneering enterprises to modernize their data architecture and operationalize their data lakes to incorporate data into everyday business practices. The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is a self-service data platform that provides total control throughout the data pipeline from ingestion to analytics, with comprehensive data management, governance and self-service data catalog capabilities for IT and business users.

Number of employees: 150+

Funding sources: $7.5 million from venture capitals based in Silicon Valley.

Snapshot quote: “We raised our Series A in 2016 with Sierra Ventures and Baird Capital, which we met at this event a couple of years back. Since then, we’ve demonstrated product market fit and validated our platform with large enterprise customers, closing $1 million deals. This year, it’s all about expansion and scale. We’re launching a Saas version of our platform, and we’re also raising Series B to fuel further growth.”

Myxx cofounder Monica Wood.

Startup: Myxx

Website: www.myxxrecipes.com

Founder/s: Monica Wood and Dede Houston

Year founded: 2015

Previous job: Senior Manager, Living Social (Wood); Director of Marketing, MaxPoint (Houston)

Company mission: An omni-channel marketing platform that improves sales for brands and grocery stores and makes to grocery shopping easier for consumers.

Number of employees: 11

Funding sources: Angel investors and venture capitals.

Snapshot quote: “Myxx believes the solution for everyone is as recipe. Yes, that’s right. You click on a recipe and if you’re a consumer, you get all of the ingredients that you need at your local store with the current prices, the inventory. You can see the full digital aisle – all with one single click. And you can also have to your personal dietary needs that your family has. We manage all of that. It’s no longer in your brain. It is simple and easy and seamless with one click, everything goes over to your grocery store and you pick it up on your way home.”

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