DURHAM – Thursday’s announced merger of Windsor Circle with Atlanta-based WhatCounts could mean good news for Durham with more jobs and Windsor Circle’s management team staying in place.

So says Daniel Caplin, president of WhatCounts.

Focusing on predictive marketing analytics,  Windsor Circle was acquired by Output Services Group a year ago. OSG is based in New Jersey and operates other ventures.

OSG has combined Windsor Circle with another OSG firm, WhatCounts, and the two will operate under the name WhatCounts, which previously was an enterprise email marketing platform.

In a Q&A with WRAL TechWire, Caplin talks about the merger and its impact on the Bull City where Matt Williamson started and launched the company.

  • Why merge WC with WhatCounts in Atlanta under that name?

If you are to look at both stand alone companies they have always been symbiotic and even worked together prior to the acquisition to collaborate on both email and predictive “full stack” solutions for customers.

Durham’s Windsor Circle merges with Atlanta firm; CEO Matt Williamson now COO

This is a natural progression to bring the predictive technology and people into the full ESP (email service provider) offering.  By bringing the teams together under the WhatCounts brand, the organization can expand the predictive engine beyond retail and commerce.

This provides the best possible outcomes for our customer base as we move into 2019 and beyond

  • What impact will the merger have on WC operations in Durham?

The WC operations in Durham is not affected.  We have three offices for WhatCounts:  Atlanta, Seattle and Durham.

  • Will the office be closed?

No.  The Durham office will remain a critical location for the business.

  • Will there be layoffs?


  • Will Matt be staying with the company?

Yes, Matt is staying with the company, as is the rest of the management team.  Matt’s role is now COO of the combined business.

  • If WC is staying in Durham will the company be expanding here and hiring?

We have recently made additional hires in the Durham location and plan to hire the best talent we can, in any of our locations.  As we bring
our platform forward we look forward to opening up new roles and new opportunities in each office.