DURHAM – Windsor Circle’s name is gone, and founder as well as CEO Matt Williamson has a new role as the Durham-based automated personalization firm is now part of Atlanta-based WhatCounts.

One of the best-known emerging entrepreneurial companies in Durham with a focus on predictive marketing analytics,  Windsor Circle was acquired by Output Services Group a year ago. OSG is based in Illinois and operates other ventures.

On Thursday, OSG disclosed that Windsor Circle has been combined with another OSG firm, WhatCounts, and the two will operate under the name WhatCounts, which previously was an enterprise email marketing platform.

Exclusive: Why Matt Williamson made decision to sell Windsor Circle

Williamson is the chief operating officer, according to the companies.

The company also unveiled a new marketing slogan: Market Better, Mark It Done.

“Rebranding to WhatCounts: Market Better, Mark It Done, really hones in on our ability to help our clients deliver the most impactful customer communications possible by enabling the use of data in the right ways, at the right moments, through the right channels,” Williamson said in a statement.

“I’m particularly excited to be able to offer an all-in-one solution to enterprise clients.”

The combined firm will provide “cross-channel marketing powered by artificial intelligence and a full-service digital agency,” it said.

WhatCounts will help clients deliver information through email, social media, and short messaging services (SMS).

“We’re excited to debut the new WhatCounts and really show the market, and our clients, what we’re capable of,” explained Daniel Caplin, who is president of WhatCounts. “As we move into 2019, we’re focused on helping clients create seamless cross-channel marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and subscribers on a personal level,” continued Caplin.

The company also will offer services of a digital agency, including design, strategy, development. deliverability and coding.