This week’s extended conversation is the with the CEO and founder of Carimus and GoodBookey, Tony Pease. Jason and Tony talk about the Goodbookey startup story and how Tony built the company from weekly team meetings at a local bar.

During their conversation, Pease details how GoodBookey leverages gambling for charitable causes. As a software application, GoodBookey takes the existing social practice of sports betting and redirects the winnings to altruistic causes. In this conversation, Tony Pease talks about where the idea came from and how their company could be affected by changing laws concerning gambling.

GoodBookey isn’t just changing gambling, but they are also changing the way nonprofits operate. In the process of incentivizing charitable giving, GoodBookey is giving non-profits the ability to grow their donor list and expand their ability to meet goals and grow their own organizations. The process for onboarding nonprofits is easy and just about any reputable organization can be collecting donations for their cause in 24 hours.