Criticality, a young company developing nutraceuticals from specialized North Carolina hemp plants, has launched its inaugural line of consumer cannabidiol (CBD) products, under the brand name Korent.


Criticality, operating under North Carolina’s industrial hemp pilot program from the small northeastern North Carolina farming town of Hobgood, in Halifax County, is a joint venture with Pyxus International Inc. (NYSE: PYX).

Pyxus is a Morrisville-based global value-added agricultural company.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center facilitated Criticality’s initial connection to Pyxus, which then led the huge tobacco conglomerate to invest in the fast-growing interest in CBD. Criticality already has nine employees, and plans to grow to 40 people during its first year of operation.

“Criticality combines more than 100 years of agricultural heritage, and decades of experience perfecting extraction and purification technologies for the food and pharmaceutical industries, into our Korent products,” said Criticality CEO Brian Moyer in announcing the launch of Korent.

The Korent oil drops are featured in vanilla mint and grape flavors, in three concentrations for each flavor. The oral solutions are administered under the tongue via an included calibrated dropper, for precise measurement. Criticality will continue to launch additional product lines from its innovation pipeline over the next several months, the company said.

Criticality says CBD oils offer a natural path to improved well-being through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which influences mood, appetite, sleep, hormone production, and even nervous and immune system responses.

“Korent’s goal is helping you get back to you. It’s essential that CBD be of the highest quality possible. With Korent, we’ve committed to delivering just that – offering the best, most transparent CBD products available so we can make a difference in people’s lives,” Moyer said.

Korent CBD products come from hemp grown by family farmers. Before processing, Criticality analyzes and validates its harvest at independent laboratories, testing for cannabinoid levels and potential contaminants.

Criticality uses all-natural, environmentally friendly methods to extract CBD oil from plant material without the use of harsh chemicals. After verified material is processed, it’s subjected to further analysis and validation, as well as final tests for purity.

“Our products are verifiable and traceable. Each individual product is marked with a unique lot number that consumers can enter into our website to easily verify the CBD product in their hand,” added Moyer.

Korent products are currently available for purchase online at and at select retail locations. The company said the products will be available in additional retail outlets and vape stores this year.

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