The top stories for this week include Lenovo’s promise to have their executive suite comprised of at least 20% women by 2020. Michael, Laura and Jason talk about what that would mean for the company and how they are looking to accomplish that tall task. They also talk about how other companies can follow suit to create a more diverse workforce.

AAA tests are showing that electronic driving systems are not always reliable and Jason talks about how driverless cars can never thrive on the same roads as man-powered vehicles.

The last top story is about NASA’s Mars landing. The team talks about the purpose of this mission and what that means for the future of space exploration.

This week’s Front Seat of Innovation honoree is Map Anything who is revolutionizing LOT (Location of Things) and just received a series C investment of $42.5 million.

During our conversation teaser, we talk to Tony Pease of Goodbookey. Goodbookey seeks to use gambling for charity. Jason talks to Tony about his company’s origins, their purpose, and how it all helps charities in the short term and the long term.

After the break, we tackle this week’s deep dive is about holiday scams and how our phones are helping us to keep our banking information private and secure from being hacked.