RALEIGH – REX Health Ventures is among the investors backing a Silicon Valley firm’s artificial intelligence-enabled platform for operating rooms.

Gauss Surgical, REX and other investors disclosed the funding Wednesday.

The technology known as Triton is already being used by the REX Women’s Center in Raleigh. It monitors surgical blood loss in real time using digital imaging and machine learning on the iPad, according to REX.

REX Health Ventures, the venture capital fund run by UNC REX Healthcare, has contributed to a new round of $20 million in funding raised by Gauss Surgical, a medical-technology company based in Silicon Valley.

“Using this technology to quantify blood loss for every delivery has helped improve our ability to recognize bleeding issues early, and intervene quickly to prevent more serious problems,” said April Lalumiere, director of the REX Women’s Center, in a statement. “The technology is very easy to use, and our team was able to incorporate it very quickly.”

According to REX, Triton has already been utilized during some 2,400 deliveries.

Notes Gauss about the technology:

“Doctors have traditionally relied on their own subjective visual estimates of blood loss by eyeballing the surgical field. This practice is notoriously inaccurate. Attempts to weigh suction canisters and sponges are confounded by the presence of other fluids such as amniotic fluid or irrigation. Triton captures rapid scans of blood-containing sponges and canisters and uses computer vision and machine learning to estimate blood loss with significantly higher accuracy and precision.”

“The practical application of AI in hospitals will be a major growth driver in the medical technology industry, especially in addressing high-cost, high-impact unmet clinical needs,” said Siddarth Satish, founder and CEO of Gauss. “We are pleased to be strategically aligned with investors who bring significant operational experience both in AI-enabled services and in healthcare as we scale our platform.”

Other investors in the round include: Northwell Health, OSF Healthcare, Providence Healthcare, Orlando Health, Spectrum Health, Mount Sinai Health System, and the Memorial Hermann Health System as well as SoftBank Ventures Korea and the Innovation Fund of Polaris Partners in Boston.

REX Health Ventures launched in 2012 and has invested in numerous startups.