The first country-wide push alert from the president’s office was sent Thursday and the team kicks off the show talking about the implications, the benefits and the challenges that may arise from a new direct line of communication from the executive branch of government to the people.

The other top stories on WRAL Techwire include NC Idea grants to local startups and a new local site that advocates for natural remedies. Jason, Michael and Laura discuss if this will help to change the national conversation on medicinal marijuana use in the long term.

Our Johnson Automotive Front Seat of Innovation Award Honoree goes out to two former student-athletes from UNC-Chapel Hill who created a platform for a fluid gym membership. Localfit is the Airbnb of gym memberships and wants you to stay fit even while you are on the go.

Chapel Hill startup launching MoviePass-style fitness club service for travelers

In our conversation teaser, CBC New Media Director of Marketing Laura Blake got to talk to Tom Snyder about what NC RIoT is and how NC RIoT Labs is helping to change the way coworking is done.

To close out the show, Laura, Jason and Michael talk about the recent legislation in California requiring publicly traded companies to include women on their board. The team discusses the impact and consequences of this landmark decision and if diversity and affirmative action should be legislated in the workplace.