On the heels of naming a new CEO earlier in June, Raleigh-based MobileSmith has launched the newest  suite of its healthcare apps, Blueprints 2.0.

Hospitals use MobileSmith’s Blueprint apps to meet clinical and administrative challenges, including the need to reduce costs and referral leakage, drive patient engagement and adherence, and improve HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores and overall health outcomes.

The company, which named Randy J. Tomlin its new CEO and chair June 6, says the expanded apps include additions across MobileSmith’s primary applications: Healthcare Access apps, Service Line apps and Perioperative apps.

Each can be configured per hospital for things such as specific feature set, workflow, branding, protocol, procedure, service line and more. The added Blueprints 2.0 features include key pre-integrated mobile functionality like self-triage, remote check-in, wayfinding and EMR interoperability.

“It is no longer a question of how mobile fits into healthcare, but how many ways can mobile apps reduce costs and improve outcomes,” said Tomlin in a statement. “We’re seeing a trend where patients are expecting easy app-based tools to engage with their healthcare, and they are changing providers to those that offer these solutions.”

He added, “We are disrupting the healthcare supply chain in a way that improves both the profitability and the efficacy of healthcare delivery, and our customers are reaping the benefits across the board.”