DURHAM – Wolfspeed, a Cree company, says it has achieved a performance breakthrough in the ability to power the drivetrain of electric vehicles (EV).

The company says its third generation 1200V SIC MOSFET switching device enables high-voltage power conversion.

The development provides increased drivetrain efficiency while lowering system costs. Wolfspeed says it “Paves the way for longer driving range and better overall EV performance for consumer.

“There is a growing global demand for more electric vehicles on the road. Cree is at the forefront of enabling this dramatic change in the automotive industry with new technologies such as Wolfspeed’s,” said Cree CEO Gregg Lowe in a statement.

“Wolfspeed’s expanded SIC portfolio will make it possible for auto suppliers and manufacturers to develop the EV ecosystem of the future,” said Cengiz Balkas, general manager at Wolfspeed. “Our components enable smaller, lighter systems that deliver more miles per charge. This allows us to bridge the gap between EVs and gas vehicles on cost and performance.”

The company is making engineering samples available to select customers and expects to have the tech in full distribution later this year.