Rounding off the top stories on tap, Jason, Laura and Michael discuss the alleged ageism in the rampant IBM layoffs. Our mailbag seems to be split on the issue. Are we failing as a culture to continue to bridge the generational gap in our organizations?

In Amazon Watch 2018 news, Amazon is making site visits to the top 20 finalists for HQ2, but what are they looking for? Traffic has been smooth during spring break, but what should the decision makers do to ‘wow’ Amazon executives? Should the Triangle wine and dine Amazon or play it cool to make them want more?

After giving their takes, the team previews an upcoming conversation with coworker and co-manager of @RDUBaton on Instagram, Laney Tipton Willis, about what it means to go viral, and how people make connections and build an online community.

Tech on Tap Conversations: Laney Tipton Willis