Editor’s note: North Carolina serial entrepreneur and investor Mark Easley, who helped spearhead lobbying efforts to win passage of crowdfunding legislation in North Carolina, is offering another round of free seminars about how to get started. Here’s his latest update.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Investment crowdfunding has been growing significantly around the nation, with billions of dollars raised across many different platforms. Now it’s our turn North Carolina.

Mark Easley headshot

Mark Easley

It’s time to start investment crowdfunding our most promising North Carolina startups and existing businesses to help grow the economy, create jobs, and enable new products and services in communities all over our state. Learn how at a series of upcoming seminars.

At these seminars you will learn about how investment crowdfunding works, how to get funding for your company using the Localstake NC platform, and how to find investors. These seminars will be held at various locations around the state in conjunction with our crowdfunding partners. I am the publisher and editor of CrowdfundNC.com will be the featured speaker, and I will be discussing how to use the new North Carolina Localstake NC investment crowdfunding platform to get funding for your startup or existing business.

Localstake NC is the first investment crowdfunding platform exclusively serving North Carolina. Startups and existing businesses ranging from technology startups to retail shops and restaurants can use the platform to raise money to get a company started or to help it grow. A variety of equity and debt offerings can be made using various securities law exemptions, including the new NC PACES Act investment crowdfunding law, which provides a great new innovative option for raising money from all North Carolina residents.

Localstake NC is partnering with CrowdfundNC.com, an educational and services website that provides the ecosystem needed to support investment crowdfunding in North Carolina. At CrowdfundNC.com you can find the tools and services from the top investment crowdfunding experts in North Carolina to help you put together the right offering, create and market your crowdfunding campaign, and get the funding you need.

Our services partners are North Carolina crowdfunding specialists including crowdfunding advisors, law firms, marketing agencies, sales channel advisors, video creation services, business planning advisors, technology development companies, CPAs, HR service companies and more for the startup and small business community.

If  you would like to attend or schedule an investment crowdfunding seminar or webinar please visit our Events page.

If you are interested in getting funded you can sign up for a free trial business account on Localstake NC to get started. Investors may sign up for a free investor account to stay informed about the opportunities.

Crowdfunding Seminar Schedule

April 11

11:45am to 1:30pm
Hosted by Loading Dock Raleigh

Fund Your Startup or Existing Business Using Investment Crowdfunding
Loading Dock Raleigh (The Classroom)
1053 East Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 115, Raleigh NC 27604

April 18

11:45am to 1:30pm
Hosted by NC IDEA

American Underground @ Main (The Bullpen Room)
201 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27701

April 24

5:30pm to 7:00pm
Hosted by HQ Raleigh and Fallon SV Law

HQ Capital Club (The Cannon Room)
16 West Martin Street, 12th Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601

May 2

9:00am to 9:30am
Hosted by 1 Million Cups RTP – weekly pitch meeting
At the Frontier in Durham.

May 2

11:45am to 1:30pm
Hosted by Wilson Chamber of Commerce

Wilson Chamber of Commerce (in the Boardroom)
200 Nash Street NE, Wilson, NC 27893