RALEIGH — CareNexis, an internet company that helps consumers make good personal care decisions, has raised $140,000, according to a filing earlier this month with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The date of the first sale was Feb. 22, and the company does not intend for the offering to last more than a year. The money raised was not made in connection with a business combination transaction such as a merger acquisition or exchange offer.

The minimum investment accepted by an outside investor is set at $100,000.

Of the money raised, $20,000 is expected to go toward payments to executive officers, directors, or promoters.

Founder and CEO Daniel West founded the internet company in 2017.

The company works to solve the complex challenges associated with caregiving. Its work centers on solutions that leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

CareNexis helps individuals, families and communities by inventing solutions that break down barriers to knowledge, access and consumption- and in the process improve patient experiences, health outcomes and quality of life.

Prior to starting CareNexis, West led global direct to consumer and e-commerce for Domtar Personal Care. He also founded UNITY mobile, a SaaS provider of mobile solutions.

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