Editor’s note: In the latest episode and blog from “The Startup Show,” serial entrepreneur, author and blogger Joe Procopio talks about the importance of side projects.

DURHAM – I’m so freaking lucky.

I realize how cool it is that I’m in a position where I can be so open about my side project(s) at any given time. I like to think I’ve earned that over a 20-year career of proving I can handle, and actually benefit from, doing two things at once.

In this episode of The Startup Show, Jon, Andy and I got into the really deep topic of side projects. I’m a big believer in the necessity of side projects, something between a hobby and a job, to fuel what it is your trying to do with your life. And if your “day job” is the right job, i.e. it’s the roadmap to do what you want to do with your life, a second thing can’t be anything but helpful to that first thing.

Over the last week I’ve realized a couple things. I’ve never been more convinced that Teaching Startup and The Startup Show can and will work and do big things, but I’m also more and more aware of how much I need to narrow my focus.

I’ve got probably 50 different people giving me advice on TS and the show, and that advice ranges from great (mostly) to awful (I’ll take it though). And people are also willing to roll up their sleeves and contribute, even fund the thing.

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