As data center technology changes continue to evolve, so too does Cisco.

The networking giant is continuing its revamp with a $320 million buy of Springpath, a developer of hyperconvergence software.Cisco has been an investor in and partner with Springpath.

“This acquisition is a meaningful addition to our data center portfolio and aligns with our overall transition to providing more software-centric solutions,” said Rob Salvagno, Cisco vice president, Corporate Business Development, in announcing the deal.

“Springpath’s file system technology was built specifically for hyperconvergence, which we believe will deliver sustainable differentiation in this fast-growing segment. I’m excited to be able to provide our customers and partners with the simplicity and agility they need in data center innovation.”

Springpath is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.

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“Cisco first made an investment in Springpath in 2015. A year later, we jointly co-engineered and developed Cisco HyperFlex Systems, a fully-integrated hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution. Combining Springpath’s distributed file system designed specifically for HCI with the industry-leading Cisco Unified Computing Systems platform resulted in the first deeply optimized hyperconverged solution for our customers,” wrote Cisco’s Liz Centoni in a blog post.

“Customers finally got a hyperconvergence solution with much greater operational simplicity, significantly better user interface, and highly flexible and policy-driven scaling.”

Centoni says Cisco now has more than 1,800 HCI customers.

Just a month ago, Cisco agreed to acquire Observable Networks.

Cisco operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP.