Jobs site Paysa’s data base as of Tuesday 0-dark-30 shows more than 2,000 open jobs across our home region. But good luck being hired.

You are going to have to meet some very demanding requirements.

Even with unemployment well below 5 percent in the Research Triangle market, many companies are looking for workers. But their demands are high with a heavy emphasis on college degrees, work experience and technical skills.

Here’s a look at what employers are seeking, according to Paysa.

They want a lot.

What skills do these jobs require

  • leadership (32%)
  • computer science (28%)
  • management (26%)
  • strategy (26%)
  • software development (19%)
  • product management (17%)
  • software engineering (15%)
  • infrastructure (15%)
  • java (14%)
  • architecture (14%)
  • “c” (13%)
  • mentoring (13%)
  • analytics (12%)
  • analysis (11%)
  • machine learning (11%)

So let’s say you have experience at “C” programming. What else do you need?

Education. Education. Education.

What degrees do these jobs require

  • Bachelors (38%)
  • Masters (26%)
  • Doctorate (9%)

OK, so let’s say you have a degree and you have technical skills. What about experience?

The more you have, the better.

How much past experience do these jobs require

Only 2 percent of the jobs are open to workers with 2-to-5 years experience

If you have 5-10 years, 14 percent of the available jobs are right for you

But the highest percentage of openings (22%) is reserved for workers with 10-20 years.

Requirements for the remainder are “unknown,” says Paysa. But it appears experience still counts – at least in the Triangle.

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