Ecommerce services provider ChannelAdvisor is beefing up the latest addition to a growing variety of services with the acquisition of a Boston firm.

The Triangle-based company on Tuesday disclosed its deal for HubLogix Commerce, which has developed a fulfillment and logistics platform for the automation of order management. Just a year ago, HubLogix acquired OrderPigeon, one of its own key competitors, and that firm’s CEO Christian Hassold assumed management of the combined company.

The platform links online stores and various ecommerce marketplaces to fulfillment centers, the intent being to lower costs, improve the accuracy or orders and improve speed of delivery.

In addition to the HubLogix technology, ChannelAdvisor will be adding a “talented team of distribution, fulfillment and supply chain domain experts to the organization,” the company noted.

Financial details weren’t disclosed.

“Earlier this year we announced the launch of our Fulfillment Network and our dedication to helping our customers streamline their logistics and provide the best customer experience down to the last mile. This acquisition provides us the technology and expertise to further enhance our fulfillment offering and capabilities,” said David Spitz, ChannelAdvisor’s CEO, in a statement.

“We’ve worked with HubLogix for years and have always been impressed with the team’s knowledge of the space and the value they provide. We’re delighted to welcome the HubLogix team to the ChannelAdvisor family and we look forward to future shared success.”

​How HubLogix works:


Fully automates order submission across multiple suppliers. Includes the ability to split orders, or cancel and resubmit to alternate suppliers without having to re-key. HubLogix gives you full order automation.


Orders are always routed the most cost efficient supplier. Have more complex business rules? No Problem, order routing logic can be customized based on a number of order and product attributes.


Business rules are available to support more sophisticated needs of our customers and can be applied to order logic, inventory updates, and shipping logic. You have complete control over your order automation.


Automate the mapping of hundreds of thousands of products every day. Our many years of experience working with product data mean you spend less time mapping products from one system to another.


HubLogix will update stock and inventory levels from all of your drop ship suppliers. Our system will consolidate a total inventory count, including your own inventory, and update the sales channel. We do this up to every 15 minutes, so no more stock outs!


Our team has years of experience in multi-warehouse distribution. Using HubLogix, orders can be set to intelligently split line items, routing them to the most cost efficient fulfillment point.


HubLogix supports more competitive selling by retrieving your warehouse product costs and landing them in your ecommerce platform so you can price competitively.


HubLogix makes comparing costs of like products across multiple suppliers easy by providing robust reporting that can be used to make better purchasing additions.


HubLogix maps shipping methods and associated costs from your warehouse based on your individual business relationship to help you sell more products profitably.

Source: HubLogix

“ChannelAdvisor (NYSE: ECOM) has a history of industry leadership, so we’re thrilled to join forces and add our knowledge and technology to the ChannelAdvisor product suite,” Hassold said in the announcement. “Together we can solve the market’s need for an end-to-end solution that optimizes online and offline commerce.”