Microsoft is incorporating Validic’s mobile health data technology in an update and expansion of the tech giant’s HealthVault program. Validic’s platform will be used to link HealthVault Insights data into hundreds of clinical and consumer devices, the goal being to give patients personalized, actionable information.

“We are working to bring together critical data sources with machine learning to deliver personalized, actionable insights to both patients and clinicians,” Heather Jordan Cartwright, general manager for Artificial Intelligence and Research at Microsoft, in announcing the Validic agreement Thursday at Microsoft’s Build conference.

“Validic provides a core data channel for HealthVault Insights, enabling device data connectivity to hundreds of devices. This collaboration helps us continue to build a seamless experience for the patient while providing unique insights to the care team,” she added in a statement. (Mobile app downloads are available through the HealthVault website.)

Validic CEO touts deal

Drew Schiller, Validic’s CEO, agrees that consumers will benefit from have access to health information across multiple devices, such as wearables and in-home clinical devices, and gain wellness insight..

“Patients will have access to their own data, and beyond that, they will have access to correlations and trends based on their data to help them better manage their health and wellness,” he says.

“This is especially empowering for patients with chronic conditions.”

Data also can be shared with providers for analysis.

As part of the “backend” for HealthVault Insights, Validic says its technology “powers the ability for patients to connect their in-home medical devices and wearables to HealthVault Insights. For providers, the data from these devices provides contextual information into a patient’s lifestyle, activities, and health data.”

Schiller adds that the deal is a significant one for Validic, which has a growing number of customers and partners worldwide.

“This deal helps advance Validic’s position in the marketplace and continues to advance the industry’s usage of patient-generated health data,” he explains.

“This is not an exclusive deal with Microsoft,” he adds. “We have relationships with hundreds of healthcare organizations and technology companies.”

Schiller also notes that the deal is a revenue producer for Validic, not just a partnership.

​Validic’s partners

The firm’s international clients include:

  • Philips
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • WebMD
  • Microsoft
  • Sutter Health
  • UPMC
  • Quintiles
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Mayo Clinic
  • The Vitality Group
  • Amgen
  • Merck
  • Cerner
  • Virgin Active
  • National Sleep Foundation
  • Duke Clinical Research
  • Mount Sinai

Regional clients include:

  • Axial Exchange
  • UNC
  • Practive Health
  • Promantu
  • Rival Health
  • Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Quintiles
  • IMS Health
  • RTI