Scroll, a company that provides content marketing services to law firms, has raised $125,000 from three investors, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company launched its lead product, SmartBoard, last August.

Scroll filed the Form D on March 6. The first sale occurred July 26, 2016. The offering is not intended to last more than one year, and is not being made in connection with a business combination transaction.

The company provides platforms in machine learning, collaboration and automated marketing for law firms, using an artificially intelligent platform called SmartBoard to curate and share content. It gives law firms a top-down approach for social media posting that stays individually branded for each attorney.

“Allowing the director to have this level of control benefits the entire firm. The marketing professional can now easily create social media campaigns on each attorney’s behalf allowing the attorneys to focus on billable tasks yet remain top of mind on social. The firm benefits by the exponential exposure of the brand through its employees’ contacts that it otherwise would not be able to efficiently manage. It allows everyone in the firm to do the job in which they are most proficient, “said Marlet Edwards, attorney and co-founder, when Scroll launched.

Co-founder Marlet Edwards practiced law for 14 years before launching Scroll in 2016. She graduated from N.C. State University and attended law school at Campbell University.

The Scroll platform

Scroll’s Social Media Platform: Key Features

  • Centrally create firm-branded social media posts that are automatically personalized with each attorney’s name, bio, video, resources and more, and links to the firm’s website.
  • Optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.
  • Performance Analytics.
  • The ability to incorporate an artificially intelligent topic-specific news feed that boosts search engine rankings for each attorney’s specific site.
  • All posts stay organized for later viewing.
  • Advance scheduling and optimized timing recommendations.
  • Each user has access to his or her own dashboard to contribute individually.
  • Top down approach with state of the art security features and links to the firm’s privacy policy and disclaimers.

Source: Scroll