Red Hat’s chief executive officer sold more than $400,000 in the company’s shares, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

President and CEO Jim Whitehurst sold 5,099 shares at $83.69, or $426,735 in shares. That represented roughly 1.17 percent of Whitehurst’s shares at the time.

The international information technology firm announced just Wednesday it will hold its quarterly earnings call on March 27 at 5 p.m. local time. For its fourth quarter ended on Feb. 28, analysts expect its per-share earnings will increase 18.8 percent to $2.27.

The company also recently released a new iteration of its Ansible Tower DevOps platform. Expected to allow for improved workflow, the update includes more multi-tasking capability, more meta-data accessible to more of the software’s users, and a stronger search function.

Red Hat acquired Ansible in late 2015 under Whitehurst, who started at the company in 2008 after leaving his role as Delta Air Lines’ chief operating officer.

Whitehurst hasn’t traded in the company since mid-January, selling $188,547 worth of shares.

Red Hat’s shares traded down Thursday to $82.24, a 0.97 percent decline from the day before.

Note: This story is from the North Carolina Business News Wire, a service of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism