This is the second in a series of stories about the companies chosen for the Startup Stampede. Read the first, on Just for KiiX, here.

Videographer Brandon Hoe couldn’t have imagined the challenges he’d face bringing a new device for iPhoneographers to market.

With designs for his iPhone rig in place, along with a Chinese manufacturer, he speedily raised $40,000 through Kickstarter and started work on his first order of Helium Cores.

But then the manufacturer fell through. A second manufacturer botched his first order. And several copycat brands popped up after Helium went live on Amazon last fall.

The good of the story is that the manufacturing process is better than originally planned. Orders are already coming in from major brands in photography, like the New York retail and e-commerce store B&H. And sales are growing on Amazon.

Now Hoe is ready to focus on marketing and messaging. That will be the focus of his time in the first consumer product focused Startup Stampede, a program launching this spring with funding from NC IDEA.

In the videos below, Hoe gives a demo of his device and talks about the challenge he faces as a consumer product entrepreneur and the progress he hopes to make during the Stampede.