PAREXEL International Corp (Nasdaq: PRXL), a Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical services provider with a major hub in Durham, has launched a mobile app intended to spot and reduce human errors in clinical trials.

The app is designed to enhance clinical trial supply management processes, increase patient safety, and improve the chain of custody record for clinical supplies.

Using built-in barcode scanning capabilities, clinical trial site staff, including principal investigators (PIs), study nurses, and clinical research associates (CRAs), can utilize the app to streamline common clinical trial responsibilities. Tasks including confirming correct treatment allocation, dispensing to patients, and processing of medicinal product returns can now be managed more efficiently, reducing time and human errors.

“Clinical trials management is often hampered by administrative supply-related tasks at site locations. Simplifying systems and processes and removing manual data entry can save staff time and increase patient safety,” said Ken Faulkner, corporate vice president, PAREXEL Informatics.

“Our mobile app is the latest extension of the ClinPhone RTSM service, further demonstrating our commitment to simplifying the drug development journey through the innovative application of social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies.”

PAREXEL’s ClinPhone service has been deployed on over 3,700 studies and more than 2.5 million patients, with the largest of those studies randomizing and supplying more than 60,000 patients. The ClinPhone RTSM mobile app is available worldwide for use on Android and iOS platforms.