There’s good earth and there’s depleted dirt. And a lot of variation between the two extremes.

Healthy soils are the foundation of global food production, host more than a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity, and play a critical role in the carbon cycle.

Three experts on soil health will share their knowledge in a down-to-earth discussion on Wednesday, Feb. 22, at the next NC Ag Biotech Professional Forum at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. The presenters include:

Wayne Honeycutt, Ph.D., president and CEO, Soil Health Institute
Sam Wilson, Ph.D., vice president, technology development, Verdesian Life Sciences
Diane Wu, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO, Trace Genomics

They’ll discuss such issues as new techniques for identifying and tracking the main indicators of soil health, and why understanding, maintaining and managing soil health have become so important.

The forum begins at 4 p.m., ending after the discussion with a 5:30 networking hour.

Registrationin advance is $10 online, but last-minute registration is also available at the door for $15.