IBM chair and CEO Ginni Rometty says artificial intelligence will make some jobs obsolete but will lead to creation of opportunities.

“It’s not man or machine,” she explained Tuesday.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as part of a panel, Rometty described AI development as “a symbiotic relationship. Our purpose is to augment and be in service of what humans do.”

Rometty also spelled what she called “principles for AI” development.

“We call them principles for AI, for a cognitive era, to guide what you do,” she said, according to artificial intelligence news site Access AI. “It’s frankly our responsibility as leaders out there that are putting these technologies out to guide them in their entry into the world in a safe way.”

The principles:

  • Purpose
  • Transparency
  • Skills

“The human needs to remain in control of the system,” she added.

Rometty also said IBM uses the term cognitive rather than AI.

”We say cognitive, not AI because we are augmenting intelligence,” she said. “For most of our businesses and companies, it will not be man or machine… it will be a symbiotic relationship. Our purpose is to augment and really be in service of what humans do.”

Earlier Tuesday in an interview with CNBC, Rometty described AT development (such as IBM’s Watson) as “a partnership between man and machine, if you want to put it that way.

“Think more about activities changing with the technologies. When you do your job, there will be things that take you a lot of time to research and do,” she added. “Yes, they’ll be done faster. Then you have the time to do what I think we all humans do best.”

In its annual forecast of tech innovations earlier this month, IBM predicted further developments of Watson well beyond data analysis:

“With AI, our words will be a window into our mental health. In five years, what we say and write will be indicators of our mental health and physical wellbeing. Patterns in our speech and writing analyzed by cognitive systems will enable doctors and patients to predict and track early-stage developmental disorders, mental illness and degenerative neurological diseases more effectively.”

“Very pleased”

Rometty recently pledged that IBM would create 25,000 new jobs and also recently participated in a meeting with President elect Donald Trump alongside other tech executives to discuss taxes, jobs and economy.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Joichi Ito, director of MIT’s Media Lab, joined Rometty at the Davos discussion.

“I am very pleased with the work we are doing with Watson and the scale,” she explained..

Rometty told CNBC that the world is entering a new era of technology and there are fears.

“We’ve seen it in the past, whether when people come off of doing farming, they had to learn to read. The industrial area, it was mechanical skills,” she said.

“If we would change the basis and align what is taught in school with what is needed with business … that’s where I came up with this idea of ‘new collar.’ Not blue collar or white collar,” she said.

IBM announces its latest earnings on Thursday.

Big Blue employs several thousand people across North Carolina and at its large campus in RTP.