Fifteen years ago on Jan. 17, a new website focusing on coverage of high tech, life science and startups emerged from stealth mode. Its name: Local Tech Wire. Readers know us today as WRAL TechWire, the name change taking place after Capitol Broadcasting acquired “Tech Wire” from its Charlotte backers in December 2005.

Here are the initial words I wrote as the founding editor:

“Welcome to Local Tech Wire; Please Take a Look at What We Are Building”

“First of all, I want to thank you for taking time to check out our web site.

“Local Tech Wire goes ‘live’ on Jan. 25.

“What you see on the site now is a works-in-progress of the news, commentary and discussion site.

“Please be patient as we work our ways through the process of fine-tuning the site.

“Local Tech Wire has put together a team of experienced writers to cover all aspects of business related to high tech. This includes new companies, entrepreneurs, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and the latest developments in hardware and software.”

More anniversary information to come

We will be revisiting WRAL TechWire’s past in great detail in coming days. There may even be a party. We’ll keep you posted.

Much has changed over the years. Thankfully, co-founder Allan Maurer is still around to help me with stories, event coverage and producing the site.

As for me, I’ve lost much of my hair, grown a full beard (all gray/white, AKA Gandalf) and lost virtually all my hearing. Unfortunately, my fingers are less nimble as well. (Watch out, typos slip through on occasion.)

But far more dramatic changes have taken place across North Carolina as well as the world when it comes to tech and life science.

This has been a great ride.

We’ll publish much more on the official launch day – Jan. 25.

Meanwhile, I hope you keep reading.