Bringing searchable functionality to the chaos that social media has become is the secret sauce of Durham’s ArchiveSocial. And its big coup last week in landing the President Obama social media archive is a reflection of the startup’s continuing growth.

In fact, founder and CEO Anil Chawla tells The Skinny that he is hiring on multiple fronts in order to meet growing demand.

“We currently have a team of 25 and are aggressively hiring for positions in sales, marketing, and engineering,” Chawla explains.

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However, ArchiveSocial is managing to deal with growth through organic revenues rather than having to seek outside funding which would likely drive down value for existing investors.’

“We’ve taken investments valued at just under $1.5 million, comprising both cash investment and partnership value,” Chawla points out.

“We are growing very quickly on organic revenue and are not seeking funding at this time.”

So how fast is ArchiveSocial growth?

Try 100 percent.

“Absolutely!” he declares when asked if the company is growing.

“We grew nearly 100% over last year and have a strategy in place to continue at that pace.”

Success doesn’t mean that ArchiveSocial can stand still, though.

“Social media continues to become more and more central to how organizations communicate, which means that technology like ours is increasingly necessary and valuable,” Chawla explains.

“The political climate has always had an interesting effect with both presidential candidates raising awareness around the use of Twitter in government and the importance of record keeping.”

Just as Obama became the first social media president, president-elect Donald Trump is already becoming the first Twitter president – and who knows what else lies ahead?

Chawla intends for his company to be there to capture all – and archive it for generations to come.